Billy Wilkins

More than a guitarist; more than a singer; more than a songwriter, Billy Wilkins makes songs that speak to the heart of the listener. He’s a music maker in his own right.

One could say Billy’s foundation was built on a musical scale. Since early childhood, his passion for music, in all of its forms, continued to drive the singer to explore his talent and expand his skill base. Often placed within the same genre and style as noted talents such as The Weeknd and Imagine Dragons, Billy’s covers and original songs are delivered with a signature style that soothes and relaxes as much as it invigorates.

Billy had always been a fan of guitar legends such as Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana, mimicking their iconic styles, as well as any 11-year-old could. Within a year, Billy would be playing the same type of grinding guitar riffs for patrons of New Jersey’s bars, stunning them with a talent that was obviously beyond his years.

Mentored and guided by local legends, Billy continued to hone his craft throughout his high school years. He then applied to and was accepted by the country’s most recognized and prestigious music school, Berklee College of Music in Boston. After studying performance, he returned to his first love of live music and caught the attention of Grammy-award-winner, Jerry Wonda. Their meeting at Platinum Sound Studios in New York City led to the release of Billy’s first EP with Wonda Music and EMPIRE Distribution.

Currently, in collaboration with a variety of musicians, jumping genres with ease, Billy continues to impress fans and critics alike with his innovative fusions of pop, classic and indie rock.

Discover your favorites by browsing his new releases and videos; bringing the emotion and talent to light, they showcase his dual talents as a singer and a guitarist. Enjoy the undeniable talent.

Keep updated with all newly scheduled shows and events near you by visiting our Events Calendar page. Coming to a venue near you, Billy’s shows are always family-friendly and inviting for music lovers of all ages – get hooked on the newest star to hit the scene by seeing him live, up close and personal at one of his many events.

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